A Nashville style hot chicken from Kansas City Native chef Derrick Foster. After spending 6 years in the Marine Corp, Foster discovered his love for cooking at the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. After spending several years in various kitchens in LA and NYC, Derrick opened up Mother Clucker inside of Parlor Kansas City last year. Mother Clucker’s menu consists of Nashville style hot chicken and chicken sandwiches with a selection of heat options from “weak sauce” all the way to “shut the cluck up.” Side dishes include fries, mac n cheese, and their famous Cluck fries.


Step One: Choose your level

OG-Plain – No Heat
Weak Sauce – Teensy Heat
Kicking It Up – Hint Of Burn
Cluck Yeah – Blazing
Mother Clucker – Inferno

Step Two: Choose your Style

Comeback Sandwich

Boneless Breast, Slaw, Pickles, Cluck Sauce, Bun


Boneless Breast, Sliced Bread, Pickles


3 Whole Wings, Sliced Bread, Pickles


3 Jumbo Tenders, Sliced Bread, Pickles, Dipping Sauce

Step Three: Add Sides and Extras

Crinkle Fries (Comes With 1 Sauce)
Nashville Hot Pickles (Comes With 1 Sauce)
Cluck Sauce
Extra Pickles
Solo Wing
Extra Bread

Squad Packs

Wing Pack

One Dozen Whole Wings (Choose Your Heat)

Cluck Fries

Fries, 2 Cluckers, Slaw ,Pickles, Ranch, Cluck Sauce

Bucket of Tenders

12 Tenders (Choose Your Heat)

2 Rotating Shakes