Disco Taco


The Lea Lou

Pulled chicken queso, avocado, fajita veg

The Most Important Meal

Chorizo, scrambled egg, cotija, cumin cream, avocado

Tako Belle

Hard shell, seasoned ground beef, shredded iceberg, colby jack cheese, disco sauce

The Bub

Chicken fried shrimp, borracho beans, pickled apples, green sauce

The Joe Pesci

Seared salmon, ponzu onions, cumin cream, disco sauce

The Kyle Skywalker

24-hour brisket, fajita veg, cotija, disco sauce

Ball Game Nachos

Chips, queso, pickled jalapenos 

Taco Salad

Shredded iceberg, tomato, fajita veg, ranchero ranch, cotija, cheddar; choice of Tako meat, pulled chicken, or chicken fried shrimp


Cup o’ Elotes

Cup o’ Barracho Beans

Disco Guac (3oz)

Churro Del Dia

Served with vanilla ice cream and honey