Oh My Gogi


Protein options include Korean bbq steak called Bulgogi or Teriyaki Chicken

Rice Bowl

Bed of spring mix, vinaigrette, rice protein, spicy may, dumpling

Loaded Fries

Fries, spicy, spicy mayo, cheese, protein, onion, cilantro

Fried Dumplings (7qty)

All in one pork, beef and veggie

Korean Tacos (3qty)

Corn tortilla, lettuce, cheese, spicy mayo, protein, red cabbage, onions, cilantro

Lunch Box

Comes in lunch box trey with rice, protein, salad, dumpling

Nutella Crepes with sweet potato fries

Home-made crepe, Nutella, banana, strawberry. Side of fries.

Fruit Crepes w/ sweet potato fries

Home-made crepe, yogurt, strawberry, pineapple. Side of fries.

Brussel sprout Salad and fries

Fried brussel sprouts drizzled in home made sauce, mozzarella, toasted walnuts. Side of fries.

Korean Quesadilla and fries

10” flour tortilla, cheese, choice of protein, kimchi, spicy mayo. Side of fries.